Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Ounce of Prevention

Ben Franklin once said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." That saying has recently popped into my head as I try to gain control of my yard. This week alone I have spent about 3 hours working on weeds and planting new grass seed. Add to that spending money of a few things to assist me as I struggle to make make yard look presentable.

I realize now that my biggest mistake was not preparing well enough last winter and this spring. Last winter I should have covered my yard in some type of pre-emergent weed and feed. Then my costliest mistake was this spring when I mowed my yard for the first time. Our bermuda grass dies and turns brown during the winter. When spring comes we "scalp" the dead layer off so the frest layer can grow. I failed to bag all my lawn clippings and it has choked my lawn not allowing enough water and oxygen to make it to the soil. Where grass stuggles, weeds thrive. If I had only taken the extra hour to bag all those clippings I'd not be spending so much time and effort now in 100 degree heat messing with my yard.

Also while I was in St. Louis for 30 days my sprinkler system tripped off and my yard didn't get the water that it needed as well. A healthy lawn will keep weeds away.

As I think about the ounce of prevention saying I know that it applies many other places in my life:

If I'd only drink a bottle or 2 of water before mowing or working out I would get leg cramps or be as sore the next day.

If I would throw away trash and unload my vehicle of things I've transported then I wouldn't spend 30 minutes cleaning it out each week.

I know there are others, but they are not accessible right now. Do you know of any situations where an ounce of prevention would keep you from major headaches?

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