Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sams Club

My wife and I got a Sam's Club membership last year and only went 2 times. For us it is a huge waste. I knew our membership was about to expire so I went today to look for snacks for our church game night. I took my son and shopped for over 30 minutes. End result, 2 items in my cart not including my son. A huge barrel of Utz cheeseballs and a 32 ounce jar of On the Border salsa. As I was checking our I fumbled for my membership card. I handing it to the checker and mentioned that it will expire this month. That's when she told me it had expired 3 days ago and if I wanted to buy the items I would need to pay an additional $40. At that point I said "no thanks" and left.

I did go up and down almost all aisles and don't see the big deal about Sam's unless you've got to get BIG on everything. If you know me I shop hard for deals and I didn't really see that many deals today. I can buy 48 diet Pepsis at the QT for $10. 32 today cost almost $9. NO DEAL. Bacon for $3 a pound....NO DEAL. I just didn't see GREAT deals in the store.

I did eyeball the 500 count styrofoam 32 ounce cups for $29 and the accompanying lids for $15. I figured it out to be about 10 cents a cup plus my usual 25 cents for a diet Pepsi- 35 cents vs. buying a fountain drink at $1 or more....DEAL.

Not impressed with I'll scour the weekly store ads and keep an eye out on QT for soda and bottled water prices. It's more fun anyway.

One good thing about this Sams was the wide parking spaces. The clientel seem to be a bit cleaner too.

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