Friday, July 11, 2008

Wall-E vs. Kung Fu Panda

My family saw both of these movies this summer and the best of the two for me was Kung Fu Panda. My two kids, 4 and 7, still talk about them both, but Kung Fu Panda seems to have left a longer impression. The only thing about Wall-E is how he says his name and they new that already before going.

Kung Fu Panda-when I first saw the movie trailers for this movie I just knew I wasn't going to let my younger kids see this movie. It seemed like it would be in the same category as Over the Hedge, Surf's Up or Open Season which is filled with lots of crude or bathroom humor, especially since it was a Jack Black movie. I do love Jack Black personally, but he's not normally a young kid role model. When a neighbor said she saw it and told us it was really clean we went as a family. I personally was engaged the whole time and really liked the message. I left with a smile on my face.

Wall-E- This movie was advertised LONG before it came out and I really wondered how entertaining could a movie mainly about a robot be. Right before it was released the UsaToday newspaper had a great article that gave it 4/4 stars so I got excited. My family went with another family while in St. Louis under my prompting so I feel like my reputation was on the line while watching it. It was a decent movie that was mildly entertaining with a message to mankind, but it wasn't as entertaining as KFP. My friend did not seem to enjoy it that well and I've heard from others that it was disappointing. So why all the talk about Oscar award? Quite confusing to be honest.

So if you haven't seen these movies and plan on taking your family I highly recommend Kung Fu Panda first and then Wall-E if you need a 2nd fix. Next up might be Space Chimps.

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