Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Staying Busy

I'm not one for staying home and watching TV. If I do that I get extremely tired and lazy. Yesterday I worked out, cleaned up trash at the church along with weeding around the main building. I then came home and cleaned house, folded close and made dinner. That was my kind of day.

Today I detailed B's EXBIGtion(Expedition) for 3 hours. I plan on going back to church to mow and then head over to B's for a little pool jam with the kids.

I think I have another car to detail this week as well as mow for 3 people. I do so much better keeping busy. Must take after my dad. He's retired and has put out over 100 tomato plants along with cabbage, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, beats and on and on. He mows for 2 other people as well as his own 2 acre lot. When I call him he's always in the garden or on a mower.

I can relate.

On a side note my $115 repair on the computer just turned into a $265 repair. Add $100 for thet reimaging and I'm sinking $365 into a 3 year old computer. Hope it lasts a while.

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