Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I went to dinner with 3 friends last night before heading to the ballgame. Our dinner for 4 people was about the cost items I bought on my trip to the ballpark Monday night.

Tuesday night the Cardinals lost. I did not spend a $1 at the game. We did take in our own bottled drinks and peanuts which is nice since this is allowed. I'll plan better next time I take my $4 year old.

Bowled today and had trouble since I used alley shoes and didn't have powder to help me slide. A disappointing 109 the first game. Somehow I adjusted and took the short approach not requiring a slide and bowled a 171. My last game I nailed 7 strikes and ended up with a 213. Not bad.

I overanalyze what things cost at the ball game.

Bottled water $5, retail store cost about $1.
24 oz. beer $8.75, retail store cost about $2.
Jumbo hot dog $6, Qt gas station price $1.
32 oz souvenir cup sode $7, QT plastic cup 69 cents.

They are killing consumers with at least a 500% mark up. Is that necessary? It must be working or they wouldn't do it. Must help keep the lines down a bit though.

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