Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bored Already

It is hard to stay home and not do anything*. I think that is the biggest reason I head for St. Louis each June and spend about 30 days with family and friends. I've been home 5 days and a lot of that time has been staying indoors. I have worked out 4 of 5 days and the one day I didn't I mowed 2 lawns so I'm staying active.

One day we took the family to Amazing Jakes, a pizza/game place. We went for FREE since I had 4 promotion cards for a free buffet and a $10 game card for each person. Total value $72. The food is nothing to look forward to. The catch with this place is you have to buy the buffet to get in to play the games. Won't be going when we have to pay. Not worth it.

*Our new commitment is to only dine out twice a week, most likely Wednesday nights before church and Sundays after church. We are also trying to eliminate a bit of debt and want to focus on sticking to a set budget. When we get paid on the 15th the new system will start up. Will keep you posted. A good friend in STL implemented this plan and really set his family in a positive financial situation.

Going back to my home church tomorrow for the first time in 5 weeks. Looking forward to it.

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