Tuesday, July 01, 2008

At the Old Ball Game

Monday night I went to my 2nd game in 3 days and saw the Cardinals beat the Mets 7-1. Got to my brother's house and as soon as I got my son out of the car I realized forgot my tickets at my mom's. She met me 1/2 way and it set us back about 15 minutes. Got downtown about 5:30, 35 minutes before the first pitch and traffic was terrible. We did not make the 6:05 start time. It was pretty unclear which direction or lane we should be in and we were stuck in a log jam.

My son got to see his first ever game.

Lemonade frozen slush $5(with tip)
Kosher Hot Dog $6
Lemonade in a souvenir cup $8(with tip)
Tickets $40 on StubHub
Peanuts $5
My drink $9

Memories of our first game together....priceless.

Going again tonight with 3 good friends that I grew up in church with. I won't spend as much tonight. I've seen 2 winners in a row so I hope the streak continues.

On my way to give my wife's car the triple buff diamond gloss cleaning.

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