Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Boys are Back in Town

Made it home Monday night around 6pm. The trip home went fine.

Came home to find out that our Toshiba laptop needs about $300 in repairs. Probably paid about $500 for it 4 years ago. Fix it for that amount or find something new for $400-$500? The wife found refurbished DELL Latitude D520's for about $350. She said they retail for about $2000. Would you buy a computer that has been returned even if it came with a like new warranty?

Gained 5 pounds on my trip. Expected that. Have worked out 3 days in a row so far. Trying to find things to do for FREE and things that will keep the kids busy and engaged.

Locked ourselves out of the house today, but we could get into the garage with the opener. The wife locked the inside garage door since a friend with an infant stopped by. I had my "St. Louis" keys that only had her car key, remote and my mom's house key on it. Ended up busting down the inside door after hammer the door knob to pieces. MUST find a key hiding spot outside SOON.

It's hot here and kind of boring(we are trying our best to get on the "get out of debt" mindset which includes dining at home and not spending money mindlessly. Will mow a bit tomorrow $$ and again on Monday. Need to collect mowing money from the people that my friend mowed for.

ABOUT 30 days before I really need to start thinking about school again. Saw about 8 of my former students today at a pizza/game place today. I felt like a celebrity :) .

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