Thursday, September 24, 2009

KFC Response

I got a quick response this time especially since I sent the link to my blog that complained about KFC and last of customer service. The email was nice and offered me $20 in KFC credit. We'll see if it shows up. Will post when it does.

Do you think KFC will go out of business like the other places I visit do?

Another One Bites the Dust

I think I am only going to post about eating from now on.

Last Saturday after mowing for most of the day I decided to treat the family to a late lunch. Of course I had a coupon for a place called Dodie's, a cajun seafood place. My wife informs me that it is no longer open at the location we used to visit, but I knew there was a Dodie's sportsbar just down the highway a bit. I looked their number up online and called asking about them honoring the coupon. The girl said they did not.

We ended up going anyway as I was hoping to catch the Cards/Cubs on tv. When I got there all the TV's were on college football and I was informed that was all I was going to get. We stayed and within minutes the band started playing. It was LOUD. We found out that they were setting up for the night and they only played Separate Ways from Journey.

I think this restaurant was related to the other seafood place, but the menu was less seafood and had a larger variety. My wife and I split a catfish dinner and the kids split a kid's popcorn shrimp me. Overall the food was good and our server was great. May go back again sometime.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Yum Yum to GONE

Friday I was going to order Chinese food Yum Yum to Go, a from a place owned by the family of a student I had last year. I was really busy Friday and realized our school lunch was in about an hour. I hopped online and typed in their web address. It came back "not found." I google searched and again no luck. We ended up ordering McD's at the last moment.

Saturday while out mowing I drove by the strip where it is located and was going to pick up a flyer in order to have their number for future references. As I drove up I couldn't find it. The sign was gone and it was replaced with a Nail salon sign.

Not being stereotypical, but did this family keep the building and just switch occupations?

"Extra long nails just 4 dollar more."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Un KFC Again?

Last May I posted about printing a coupon Oprah endorsed for the new grilled chicken for KFC. It had a barcode on it and you had to print a new coupon per customer. I took my family of 4 and when I got there they didn't honor the coupon "Due to the success of the promotion........" I went in and was told to fill our a form which I should have known better when I filled out a torn piece of paper with my name and info and one for each family member. After about 2 months I contacted KFC via email through their customer service "Contact Us" link. I shared what I went through and again never heard from them. So, just last week I contacted them again asking for my free meal OR just a simple apology. I included that I would never visit a KFC again until I got the meal or an apology. It has been a week and I've not gotten an email.

What would you do? Just write it off and visit again? Stick to your guns and never go back? Keep complaining and let everyone know about the poor customer service? Tell me?

I think I will write one more email and just link this post for them to read. At this point, I will never go to KFC again. I know they are in kahoots with Taco Bell and I went there last night so what do I do with a Taco Bell?KFC combo store?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pots and Pans

My wife shopped at Kohls and Sunday and while she was out I realized we had the new booklet advertising their upcoming sale so I tried to call her to tell her to wait. No luck, her phone was dead. She purchased a Calaphon 10 piece set on sale for $180 plus tax. We took it back Sunday night and I repurchased it last night and did I get a deal.

My coupon was for an extra 20% off-new sale price $144.
Plus we earned $30 Kohl's cash- $30 additional plus
Plus the lady who helped me found a FREE Gift-$70 Calaphon Dish/Lid.

By using the coupon and waiting our net savings/deal ended up being about $136. WOW. All that on a $180 purchase.

He shoots, he SCORES!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Another Restaurant Bites the Dust

When we got back from St. Louis I really had a craving for a breakfast sandwhich from The Bagel Factory. About a month my family stopped by on the way to church only to see a sign on the door saying "Closed today." We did go back a few weeks later and enjoyed a perfect breakfast. We talked to who I think was the owner and the guy who has always made our food. I asked about that Sunday and he said they had a few issues that day. On this visit we found a banner out front that said, "New Management, Cheaper Prices." The food was indeed cheaper and just as good.

Well, since we were running late to church on Sunday I decided to take the kids for breakfast before church. I was leary when I pulled in and the banner was barely hanging. As we got out of my truck another couple tried to open the door and it was locked. A lady nearby said they had been closed for about 2 weeks. BUMMER.

I just wonder if I am so cheap that I like places with cheaper prices and coupons which in the long run cause them to go out of business.

I took my kids to Einstein's Bagels and ended paying $15 for our breakfast which would easily have been about $10 or so from The Bagel Factory. I hope they manage to pull it together and re-open.

Slowing Down

I kind of feel like a ball player at the end of their career. They just don't hit as many homeruns as they used to. The magic number for homeruns was at 754 for a LONG time and some guy named Barry Bonds, with the aid of steroids, past that number and ended up with about 760 something. Well, I'm at about 651 posts and haven't posted in about a month. I guess I'm really busy and it is easier to just post something on FACEBOOK. I guess I like Facebook since I am connected with my closest friends.

The one thing about Facebook I don't like is having to accept or reject friend requests. "Will you be my friend?" There are some people I just don't want knowing my business. And I have a few friends that I have decided to hide their comments for various reasons. I sometimes get a request from someone I worked with a while back, but didn't really know. If I have to ask someone who it was I probably should ignore the request.

I think I would like to be consistent with blogging again because it lets me share things going on at a little bit more indepth. I'm very inconsistent to what I may post, but I think that is good. I really fizzled out this summer when I went to St. Louis.

We shall see! Maybe I can take some online steroids and bump my numbers like a few ball players have.