Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Ounce of Prevention

Ben Franklin once said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." That saying has recently popped into my head as I try to gain control of my yard. This week alone I have spent about 3 hours working on weeds and planting new grass seed. Add to that spending money of a few things to assist me as I struggle to make make yard look presentable.

I realize now that my biggest mistake was not preparing well enough last winter and this spring. Last winter I should have covered my yard in some type of pre-emergent weed and feed. Then my costliest mistake was this spring when I mowed my yard for the first time. Our bermuda grass dies and turns brown during the winter. When spring comes we "scalp" the dead layer off so the frest layer can grow. I failed to bag all my lawn clippings and it has choked my lawn not allowing enough water and oxygen to make it to the soil. Where grass stuggles, weeds thrive. If I had only taken the extra hour to bag all those clippings I'd not be spending so much time and effort now in 100 degree heat messing with my yard.

Also while I was in St. Louis for 30 days my sprinkler system tripped off and my yard didn't get the water that it needed as well. A healthy lawn will keep weeds away.

As I think about the ounce of prevention saying I know that it applies many other places in my life:

If I'd only drink a bottle or 2 of water before mowing or working out I would get leg cramps or be as sore the next day.

If I would throw away trash and unload my vehicle of things I've transported then I wouldn't spend 30 minutes cleaning it out each week.

I know there are others, but they are not accessible right now. Do you know of any situations where an ounce of prevention would keep you from major headaches?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Big Kids

Went to Amazing Jakes with my friend and co-worker yesterday with our free passes. We found a game that was giving out double points and a ridiculous number of tickets. Even the worker there said the game was malfunctioning and he likes to play it. Well, after being there for 30 minutes I had enough tickets to bring home a glitter lava lamp for my son. I kind of felt like an arcade rock star with all the kids staring at us. Especially when I ran my 1000 tickets thru the counter. My friend cashed his tickets in on a Route 66 glowing clock.

Today my friend and I are going to Six Flags for FREE compliments of our school reading program. The Six Flags here in Arlington is not my favorite. It is nestled amongst a true concrete jungle and between 2 major highways. We'll hit the big rides and come home. I'm still taking $50 even though it is free. Since B is driving I am paying for parking...$20.

If I had planned it correctly we could have went to the Texas Rangers game tonight because teacher admission is FREE tonight. That would be one LONG and HOT day. Anyway I need to be home by 6pm tonight so my wife can go out with a friend.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Step Brothers Disappointment

I decided to see a movie yesterday afternoon and I narrowed it down to 2 movies that started near the 2pm timeslot that I needed. Neither of these movies are in the MUST SEE category for me, but I had spare time and the cost to go was $3.25 during the day. My choice was between Step Brothers and the X-Files movie. I'm not a big Will Farrell fan nor did I watch any of the X-Files while it was on TV in the 90s. I picked comedy over suspense.

Within the first 10 minutes I knew I would not make the movie. I thought about getting up and catching the beginning of the X-Files movie, but was not sure what theatre number it was located. I did know that Hancock started at 2:40 and it was right next door to where I was sitting. At 2:35 I visited the restroom and casually entered Hancock.

I knew there would be some crude humor in a Will Farrell movie, but there was so much profanity and vulgarity that it bothered me. The last straw, as if there needed to be one, was when Will Farrell whipped out his testicles and whiped them on his step-brother's drums. They actually showed what appeared to be testicles. I'm sure they were fake, although not 100% sure.(Will Farrell's 15 minutes of fame must be tanking fast).

I guess one thing my faith and relationship with Christ does for me is it stirs my spirit when I am around vulgarity, profanity or anything contrary to what is good in the eyes of God. I must have a long way to go in the maturity of my faith because it seems I am only offended in extreme cases like this.

I would not recommend this movie to anyone who has an ounce of decency in their character. Sure some of it will make you laugh, but most of it will make you cringe.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I really only had one objective today, fix our electricity situation. Friday we were shocked to see that our electricity rate had nearly double in the last 4 months. When we signed on with Amigo Energy a little over a year ago we locked into a rate of 12 cents per kilowatt hour. I guess our little agreement expired and the rate has gone up progressively over the last 4 months to about 25 cents per kilowatt hour, with current fair market rates around 15 cents per hour. That added about $170 more to our bill than should have been expected. We received the highest bill ever AND we were gone for 10 days with the AC turned off.

Either they adjust my bill or I'll go to another electric company to get a fair rate. In Texas you can go to to compare rates. You should really check around for a better deal. A year ago Amigo Energy saved us about 25% over the company that we had.

Had to call the Houston area code number because the 888 number was "circuits busy" all day. Was on hold for almost 30 minutes. They were willing to knock off $50. Not enough. I'm switching to another company called Champion. They rate the best # for customer service 1/5. The company I'm leaving is a 3/5, # 21 out of 30 companies. They are going to lose about $2000 a year losing me. They'll probably rake me over the coals until the change over takes place.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


We played cards last night and out of the original 6 that started playing 6 years ago only myself and Huffdaddy were part of the mix. I met Huffdaddy in 1999 as I taught at my 1st regular elementary campus. Huffdaddy taught 5th grade and I was the new resource/inclusion teacher. Huffdaddy and I got along pretty well, usually easy to do when there are very few men teachers on campus. Our friendship solidified one night that year as we both stayed on campus for a sleepover that one of the students won.

I left HP after one year and moved back to Missouri. I did go back and visit Huffdaddy and a few other friends on campus as I have the tendency to stay in touch with people. While in Missouri I became part of a teacher fraternity that played cards once a month and when I moved back to Texas I started up a new group of poker players, mostly people in the education world. All 6 of us last night were in the growing kids business.

6 years later I still manage to get 5-6 guys together once a month for friendly low stakes games of cards. One of the most reliable players is Huffdaddy. This is very impressive on many fronts:

1. He lives 20+ miles away.(He even battled rush hour traffic last night as he rode his new scooter...hope he made it home last night). My poker chips even fit under his seat!!!
2. He is a principal and is busier than most educators, other than my coaching friends.
3. He is successfully battling a life threatening illness.(He even played one time hooked up to some type of contraption).
4. He was poker challenged when he first started, but has progressed to best of the class.

When Huffdaddy last hosted cards he had food catered in from a Mexican restaurant and usually goes above and beyond when it comes to hosting whereas you know I'm trying to feed the most for the cheapest possible cost.

Huffdaddy, I appreciate you as a friend, respect you as a principal, and am inspired by your positive attitude with all that you have gone thru.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

You Never Know

You never know when you are going to run into someone who knows you. As a teacher I know that a lot more kids and a few parents are going to recognize me when I don't have a clue who they are. The other day at a local burger joint a couple with their 7 year old son asked if I was ready for school to start back up. I chatted a little bit out of courtesy and the lady finally admitted that I had her daughter in my class this year. Both parents praised my school, my team and me for what we did for them this year as they moved in mid year. Nice.

Today at the gym as I was grabbing stuff from my locker a guy asked if I was enjoying my summer. Immediately I asked if he had a child at my school and his son is going into 3rd grade this year. He said he loved our school and has 2 kids in college and he was impressed how well last year went. He said his son has a blue mohawk just like the one my principal, my friend BH and myself got in front of the school at the end of the year. I also saw another parent at the gym and came away feeling real good about our conversation as well.

I told the parent that last year was the best year I've had and I've taught for 11 years. We both agreed that we had super administrators that students, parents and maybe most importantly teachers like and trust leading. My last comment was, "I'm usually on my best behavior because you never know when your going to run into a student or a parent."

The Dark Knight Tie Ins

My daughter was eating a "Go-Gurt", yogurt in a tube, and I noticed The Dark Knight marketing on it. This extremely violent, dark movie is being marketed to kids. I don't understand it. I'm sure other kid items are being marketed as well. Most likely there are toys in the aisles of Target and Walmart. Which fastfood company will have Batman toys in their kids meals?

What will be next? Boogie Nights kids meals with a Dirk Diggler doll as a toy? I really don't like that an adult movie has toys being marketed to kids. It would be different if they exploited the "Batman" awareness to push generic Batman toys.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Deal or No Deal

I'm not much of a risk taker. Ask my wife, I didn't try to kiss her until our third date or so. When we play cards I don't take risks either and more times than not an aggressive, semi-wreckless player will win a Hold Em tournament. I rarely more than 5 mph over the speed limit, etc.

This summer on 2 occasions my daughter and I played the video game Deal or No Deal at the arcade. I love this game and could be addicted to it. I could care less about the TV show though. On this game you pay basically $2 for a chance to win as many as 400 tickets. If you pay double you can win up to 1000 tickets.

The first time we played back in June my daughter played the game down to the last 2 cases. The 1000 and 40 were still in play. The banker's offer was 520 tickets. I convinced her to take the deal. She had the 1000 case ): I'll add that she also won a 250 jackpot on another game and we had enough tickets to buy her the lava lamp at 1300 tickets. Her mom played the game and ended up only winning 2 tickets.

This Monday I took her again to this place and we played. She dropped a few heavy #s early and at one point had an offer of 78 tickets. I was trying to convince her to take the deal. She pushed on and her last 2 cases were 20 and 150. The banker's offer was 85 tickets. TAKE IT I urged. She pushed on and her case was the 20. I look at it as her losing 65 tickets. She looks at it as almost winning 150 tickets. I calculate that each ticket is worth about 2-3 cents each.

I played the 2nd game and picked case #4. My daughter wanted me to take #6. I reminded her that this was MY game this time. I played on and had the 1000 in play along with a few other big #s. I was ready to take a deal at 220 tickets but my daughter pushed NO DEAL. My last 2 cases were 2 tickets and 1000 tickets. Banker's offer.....501 tickets. My daughter wanted to push NO DEAL. I let her know that the 501 tickets would get her the lava lamp and she reluctantly agreed. My case, 1000. She was so mad at me. There was a couple standing there waiting to play and all I could say to them was, "she's a risk taker, she didn't get that from me." There is often a wait for this game. One kid and his mom hogged the game for about 30 minutes. It did take longer for the 501 tickets to print than it took to play the game. They should just print a receipt.

We did get the lava lamp and she loves it. She had to tell mommy that I wimped and took the deal.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trying to Stay Cool

Came home last night to find out that our A/C wasn't working. The fan was blowing, but the unit outside wasn't working. Called one local company this morning and they were booked, but could do an after hour higher rate visit. I found a second local company and had a guy come out. He said the compressor was locked and I'd need a new unit. The dilema is do you call a few more companies or do you go with a well known local company with a full 2 page ad in the yellow pages? I got online and checked out what a 5 ton a/c heat pump would run and the unit alone is close to the price that I am paying to install it. They just arrived to install it as I began posting.

I was able to use a $200 off internet coupon AND they installed a digital thermostat at no extra cost. We also got a "no interest" loan as well.

July has been a costly month. Paid off my heart bill from January. The laptop is at the repair shop. Now the air conditioner has gone out. The month we commit to getting out of debt I have a repair that will require a 24 month installment loan.

The conversation tonight will be:
"Honey, I've got good news and bad news. The good news is we have cold a/c tonight. The bad news is we'll be paying on it for 24 months."

Guess this is not life or death. I just don't like the feeling of being at the mercy of the company installing the a/c. At least with my cars I usually shop and plan 2-3 months in advance.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight Experience

Wednesday night I schemed with a few friends a plan that involved going to see the 12:01am showing of The Dark Knight late Thursday. I figured we'd go to a local theatre a little early and get tickets since they had it showing on 3 screens. One friend called asking if we had tickets already and I said not yet. He informed me that the movie was sold out. We were both online checking out the closest theatres with no luck. About 13 miles a way a large mall that had an AMC theatre showed that they still had tickets. My friend tried to buy tickets, but it would never process his order. I called the manager and she suggested trying the automated phone system. Ring, ring, ring. Finally it hit me that my wife was meeting somewhere with a friend who lived about an hour away.

JACKPOT! She was at this mall and purchased 4 tickets for us.

3 of us left my house at 10pm and stopped by Walgreens to stock up on snacks. I wore my movie shorts with DEEP pockets. We picked up Big Mike and made it to the theatre around 10:50. The mall was closed, but the theatre inside was buzzing. I was pleasantly surprised that we were able to go right in and get good seats. I figured we'd be lined up and down a hallway and would have to wait until 10 minutes before show time.

We sat and joked for a while. I really enjoy observing the general public. 2 guys wearing Batman and Robin outfits. Girls in pajamas, one in Batman skivies. One older guy who had to be in his 80's made it slowly and gingerly to the top of the stadium seats. Lots of high schoolers and college students. Only a few married dudes like us.

We were able to get popcorn and drinks in a timely manner as this place was well prepared for the large crowd. $11 for a large popcorn and soda...WOW......nearly criminal. Most of the time I take my own popcorn in and save the $6.

We left the theatre about 2:45. I made it home at 3:30am and wasn't able to fall asleep until about 4am. My wife never knew I made it home.

Fun experience. Nice not having any commitments today (:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sams Club

My wife and I got a Sam's Club membership last year and only went 2 times. For us it is a huge waste. I knew our membership was about to expire so I went today to look for snacks for our church game night. I took my son and shopped for over 30 minutes. End result, 2 items in my cart not including my son. A huge barrel of Utz cheeseballs and a 32 ounce jar of On the Border salsa. As I was checking our I fumbled for my membership card. I handing it to the checker and mentioned that it will expire this month. That's when she told me it had expired 3 days ago and if I wanted to buy the items I would need to pay an additional $40. At that point I said "no thanks" and left.

I did go up and down almost all aisles and don't see the big deal about Sam's unless you've got to get BIG on everything. If you know me I shop hard for deals and I didn't really see that many deals today. I can buy 48 diet Pepsis at the QT for $10. 32 today cost almost $9. NO DEAL. Bacon for $3 a pound....NO DEAL. I just didn't see GREAT deals in the store.

I did eyeball the 500 count styrofoam 32 ounce cups for $29 and the accompanying lids for $15. I figured it out to be about 10 cents a cup plus my usual 25 cents for a diet Pepsi- 35 cents vs. buying a fountain drink at $1 or more....DEAL.

Not impressed with I'll scour the weekly store ads and keep an eye out on QT for soda and bottled water prices. It's more fun anyway.

One good thing about this Sams was the wide parking spaces. The clientel seem to be a bit cleaner too.

Violated or Not?

When I left Texas on Friday June 13th I had just attended a very emotional memorial for a fellow teacher and friend who died the previous weekend. I was one of about 6 speakers for this private memorial. As soon as the memorial was over my family drove the 10 hours to St. Louis and I was able to separate myself from this tragic time in my life.

Upon coming back to Texas last week I decide to search and see if any more details about the accident had been released. The only other article I found was one about the memorial. I was surprised to find that I was directly quoted. I read it a few times and still wonder if I said something a specific way.

I called my friend "B" who also spoke at the memorial and after talking to him I didn't really know how to feel.

First, it was a private memorial and someone from our local internet news must have attended or gotten someone else to relay information. Second, it was PRIVATE and now information about this personal family moment was shared ONLINE for everyone in the world to see. Third, the person referred to one thing I said and was nowhere near what really happened. And, for me, the last thing is I'm not sure he quoted me word for word.

So, I don't know whether to feel honored and let it go. Or should I be offended and contact the person who wrote the article. I'm sure if you google my name you'll find the article.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Staying Busy

I'm not one for staying home and watching TV. If I do that I get extremely tired and lazy. Yesterday I worked out, cleaned up trash at the church along with weeding around the main building. I then came home and cleaned house, folded close and made dinner. That was my kind of day.

Today I detailed B's EXBIGtion(Expedition) for 3 hours. I plan on going back to church to mow and then head over to B's for a little pool jam with the kids.

I think I have another car to detail this week as well as mow for 3 people. I do so much better keeping busy. Must take after my dad. He's retired and has put out over 100 tomato plants along with cabbage, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, beats and on and on. He mows for 2 other people as well as his own 2 acre lot. When I call him he's always in the garden or on a mower.

I can relate.

On a side note my $115 repair on the computer just turned into a $265 repair. Add $100 for thet reimaging and I'm sinking $365 into a 3 year old computer. Hope it lasts a while.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blessed With Friendship

I went over to a friend's house tonight to teach him the basics of poker. I took some chicken wings, a deck of cards and me. We sat around for a few hours and had a great time. I also go to church with this friend.

As I drove home I reflected on how many good friends I actually have. I'm talking about the kinds of friends that you might go to the movies with or go out and watch a ballgame at a local bar and grill. I have 3 solid friendships thru my current church. I also have a great friendship from my previous church(CB), a newer great friendship from my school(BH) and 2 long-term friendships from previous schools I've taught. I then have at least 10 other friends that I could call and invite over for poker as well. One thing for sure is I manage to stay in touch with a lot of friends and I also connect people from different backgrounds.

Add to these friendships the many strong friendships I've established back in Missouri and I just know that I am very blessed to have such quality friends in my life.

When my wife and I talk about possibly moving back to the St. Louis area I feel torn between possibly leaving behind such great friendships, many that would still continue, and picking back up with my 3 longest and strongest standing friendships that started 30+ years ago out of Maplewood Baptist Church. I also know that I would establish new friendships as well. I also know that my wife has had 3 close friends from this area leave and relocate and she would like to reconnect with some of the St. Louis friends as well.

That said, I'm enjoying all the people God has put in my life who bring value to my life. I thank God for the people who accept me for who I am and can challenge me to be better than what I am as well. Church has provided me with the majority of my friendships, but one common denominator of all my friendships is that most of my friends have an active faith in Christ.

Friendship originally got me involved in church and church ultimately has provided me with great friendships.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bored Already

It is hard to stay home and not do anything*. I think that is the biggest reason I head for St. Louis each June and spend about 30 days with family and friends. I've been home 5 days and a lot of that time has been staying indoors. I have worked out 4 of 5 days and the one day I didn't I mowed 2 lawns so I'm staying active.

One day we took the family to Amazing Jakes, a pizza/game place. We went for FREE since I had 4 promotion cards for a free buffet and a $10 game card for each person. Total value $72. The food is nothing to look forward to. The catch with this place is you have to buy the buffet to get in to play the games. Won't be going when we have to pay. Not worth it.

*Our new commitment is to only dine out twice a week, most likely Wednesday nights before church and Sundays after church. We are also trying to eliminate a bit of debt and want to focus on sticking to a set budget. When we get paid on the 15th the new system will start up. Will keep you posted. A good friend in STL implemented this plan and really set his family in a positive financial situation.

Going back to my home church tomorrow for the first time in 5 weeks. Looking forward to it.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Wall-E vs. Kung Fu Panda

My family saw both of these movies this summer and the best of the two for me was Kung Fu Panda. My two kids, 4 and 7, still talk about them both, but Kung Fu Panda seems to have left a longer impression. The only thing about Wall-E is how he says his name and they new that already before going.

Kung Fu Panda-when I first saw the movie trailers for this movie I just knew I wasn't going to let my younger kids see this movie. It seemed like it would be in the same category as Over the Hedge, Surf's Up or Open Season which is filled with lots of crude or bathroom humor, especially since it was a Jack Black movie. I do love Jack Black personally, but he's not normally a young kid role model. When a neighbor said she saw it and told us it was really clean we went as a family. I personally was engaged the whole time and really liked the message. I left with a smile on my face.

Wall-E- This movie was advertised LONG before it came out and I really wondered how entertaining could a movie mainly about a robot be. Right before it was released the UsaToday newspaper had a great article that gave it 4/4 stars so I got excited. My family went with another family while in St. Louis under my prompting so I feel like my reputation was on the line while watching it. It was a decent movie that was mildly entertaining with a message to mankind, but it wasn't as entertaining as KFP. My friend did not seem to enjoy it that well and I've heard from others that it was disappointing. So why all the talk about Oscar award? Quite confusing to be honest.

So if you haven't seen these movies and plan on taking your family I highly recommend Kung Fu Panda first and then Wall-E if you need a 2nd fix. Next up might be Space Chimps.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Boys are Back in Town

Made it home Monday night around 6pm. The trip home went fine.

Came home to find out that our Toshiba laptop needs about $300 in repairs. Probably paid about $500 for it 4 years ago. Fix it for that amount or find something new for $400-$500? The wife found refurbished DELL Latitude D520's for about $350. She said they retail for about $2000. Would you buy a computer that has been returned even if it came with a like new warranty?

Gained 5 pounds on my trip. Expected that. Have worked out 3 days in a row so far. Trying to find things to do for FREE and things that will keep the kids busy and engaged.

Locked ourselves out of the house today, but we could get into the garage with the opener. The wife locked the inside garage door since a friend with an infant stopped by. I had my "St. Louis" keys that only had her car key, remote and my mom's house key on it. Ended up busting down the inside door after hammer the door knob to pieces. MUST find a key hiding spot outside SOON.

It's hot here and kind of boring(we are trying our best to get on the "get out of debt" mindset which includes dining at home and not spending money mindlessly. Will mow a bit tomorrow $$ and again on Monday. Need to collect mowing money from the people that my friend mowed for.

ABOUT 30 days before I really need to start thinking about school again. Saw about 8 of my former students today at a pizza/game place today. I felt like a celebrity :) .

Saturday, July 05, 2008

The 4th

The most favorite day of the year for my older brother for sure. Tuesday evening we went to one firework stand and the manager said he would give 30% free if he spent $400. We ended up getting $155 extra for free. On the way to my brother's cabin Friday morning he stopped and got an additional $70 worth making it a total of over $600 in fireworks. He put on a pretty good show, but I think many were disappointed because he held a lot back to shoot off tonight. It was a 2 day party plan for my brother. About 30+ people came out to the property and about 12 of us camped out last night. I called it a night about 1am and the rest gave it up about 2am.

$600 is a lot, but some people would be shocked at the amount my family gives to the church. I wonder if my brother spends more on Rams season football tickets, beer and fireworks than my family gives to the church?

Just one more full day in St. Louis. Cardinals beat the Cubs in the last inning. I'm starting to feel like a beached whale from all of the food I've been shoveling in. I'll sleep better tonight that I did last night.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Pinch

My days in St. Louis are numbered. I'm starting to feel a mental pinch as to whether I've covered all my social bases. I know that I haven't devoted much time to my dad, but some of that is his choice. He could easily drive in once or twice to see us at my moms instead of me driving back and forth.

Here's what I know for sure:

Thursday: getting the car windows tinted, buying fireworks, having dinner compliments of my brother. Hope to watch the Cardinals game.

Friday: cabin day to mow, play horse shoes, grill, and late night fireworks( need to decide when and how my son is going to get there since he wouldn't last all day. My mom will probably bring him out and for sure won't camp out. I need to decide if I'm camping or not) Will listen to the Cards/Cubs game. High of 78 degrees forecasted with a chance of rain.

Saturday: probably find time to go fishing with my son AND watch the Cards/Cubs game, most likely at grandpa's house.

Sunday: either driving back OR spending one last family day before heading back Monday.

Monday: I told my wife I'd be home in time to watch the last episode of The Bachelorette. It tortured her to watch it by herself last week.

Never got together with my friend Andy and still really want to. I've saturated myself in St. Louis food and really don't need anymore. Have a few friends I could get together with one more time. We'll see.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I went to dinner with 3 friends last night before heading to the ballgame. Our dinner for 4 people was about the cost items I bought on my trip to the ballpark Monday night.

Tuesday night the Cardinals lost. I did not spend a $1 at the game. We did take in our own bottled drinks and peanuts which is nice since this is allowed. I'll plan better next time I take my $4 year old.

Bowled today and had trouble since I used alley shoes and didn't have powder to help me slide. A disappointing 109 the first game. Somehow I adjusted and took the short approach not requiring a slide and bowled a 171. My last game I nailed 7 strikes and ended up with a 213. Not bad.

I overanalyze what things cost at the ball game.

Bottled water $5, retail store cost about $1.
24 oz. beer $8.75, retail store cost about $2.
Jumbo hot dog $6, Qt gas station price $1.
32 oz souvenir cup sode $7, QT plastic cup 69 cents.

They are killing consumers with at least a 500% mark up. Is that necessary? It must be working or they wouldn't do it. Must help keep the lines down a bit though.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

At the Old Ball Game

Monday night I went to my 2nd game in 3 days and saw the Cardinals beat the Mets 7-1. Got to my brother's house and as soon as I got my son out of the car I realized forgot my tickets at my mom's. She met me 1/2 way and it set us back about 15 minutes. Got downtown about 5:30, 35 minutes before the first pitch and traffic was terrible. We did not make the 6:05 start time. It was pretty unclear which direction or lane we should be in and we were stuck in a log jam.

My son got to see his first ever game.

Lemonade frozen slush $5(with tip)
Kosher Hot Dog $6
Lemonade in a souvenir cup $8(with tip)
Tickets $40 on StubHub
Peanuts $5
My drink $9

Memories of our first game together....priceless.

Going again tonight with 3 good friends that I grew up in church with. I won't spend as much tonight. I've seen 2 winners in a row so I hope the streak continues.

On my way to give my wife's car the triple buff diamond gloss cleaning.