Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blessed With Friendship

I went over to a friend's house tonight to teach him the basics of poker. I took some chicken wings, a deck of cards and me. We sat around for a few hours and had a great time. I also go to church with this friend.

As I drove home I reflected on how many good friends I actually have. I'm talking about the kinds of friends that you might go to the movies with or go out and watch a ballgame at a local bar and grill. I have 3 solid friendships thru my current church. I also have a great friendship from my previous church(CB), a newer great friendship from my school(BH) and 2 long-term friendships from previous schools I've taught. I then have at least 10 other friends that I could call and invite over for poker as well. One thing for sure is I manage to stay in touch with a lot of friends and I also connect people from different backgrounds.

Add to these friendships the many strong friendships I've established back in Missouri and I just know that I am very blessed to have such quality friends in my life.

When my wife and I talk about possibly moving back to the St. Louis area I feel torn between possibly leaving behind such great friendships, many that would still continue, and picking back up with my 3 longest and strongest standing friendships that started 30+ years ago out of Maplewood Baptist Church. I also know that I would establish new friendships as well. I also know that my wife has had 3 close friends from this area leave and relocate and she would like to reconnect with some of the St. Louis friends as well.

That said, I'm enjoying all the people God has put in my life who bring value to my life. I thank God for the people who accept me for who I am and can challenge me to be better than what I am as well. Church has provided me with the majority of my friendships, but one common denominator of all my friendships is that most of my friends have an active faith in Christ.

Friendship originally got me involved in church and church ultimately has provided me with great friendships.

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