Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I am visiting my friend Billy V in Columbia MO, home of the Mizzou Tigers. We had lunch at Shakespeares, a downtown pizza place. It wasn't bad. The atmosphere was better than the pizza. Afterwards we went to the Mizzou store and when we walked through a little deli to use the restroom we got locked out and had to go back outside in order to get back in so we just left. We ended up going to Walmart and I was really dreading the throng of shoppers.

To my surprise the store was relatively calm for December 23rd. I ended up getting my brother a Mizzou coozie and while looking for a white longsleeve or mock turtle neck I came across a good number of #81 Owens jerserys. He last played for the Cowboys 12 months ago and these jerseys were on clearance racks in Dallas last January. I was shocked to see them listed for $29 and these were the cheap jerseys. Makes my $23 purchase last Friday seem like a great deal since Witten is still on the team.

Guess they shipped all #81 jerseys up north hoping the simple folks here in Missouri wouldn't know any better. I should have checked for Green Bay Favre jerseys.