Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Big Kids

Went to Amazing Jakes with my friend and co-worker yesterday with our free passes. We found a game that was giving out double points and a ridiculous number of tickets. Even the worker there said the game was malfunctioning and he likes to play it. Well, after being there for 30 minutes I had enough tickets to bring home a glitter lava lamp for my son. I kind of felt like an arcade rock star with all the kids staring at us. Especially when I ran my 1000 tickets thru the counter. My friend cashed his tickets in on a Route 66 glowing clock.

Today my friend and I are going to Six Flags for FREE compliments of our school reading program. The Six Flags here in Arlington is not my favorite. It is nestled amongst a true concrete jungle and between 2 major highways. We'll hit the big rides and come home. I'm still taking $50 even though it is free. Since B is driving I am paying for parking...$20.

If I had planned it correctly we could have went to the Texas Rangers game tonight because teacher admission is FREE tonight. That would be one LONG and HOT day. Anyway I need to be home by 6pm tonight so my wife can go out with a friend.

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