Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Violated or Not?

When I left Texas on Friday June 13th I had just attended a very emotional memorial for a fellow teacher and friend who died the previous weekend. I was one of about 6 speakers for this private memorial. As soon as the memorial was over my family drove the 10 hours to St. Louis and I was able to separate myself from this tragic time in my life.

Upon coming back to Texas last week I decide to search and see if any more details about the accident had been released. The only other article I found was one about the memorial. I was surprised to find that I was directly quoted. I read it a few times and still wonder if I said something a specific way.

I called my friend "B" who also spoke at the memorial and after talking to him I didn't really know how to feel.

First, it was a private memorial and someone from our local internet news must have attended or gotten someone else to relay information. Second, it was PRIVATE and now information about this personal family moment was shared ONLINE for everyone in the world to see. Third, the person referred to one thing I said and was nowhere near what really happened. And, for me, the last thing is I'm not sure he quoted me word for word.

So, I don't know whether to feel honored and let it go. Or should I be offended and contact the person who wrote the article. I'm sure if you google my name you'll find the article.

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