Saturday, July 05, 2008

The 4th

The most favorite day of the year for my older brother for sure. Tuesday evening we went to one firework stand and the manager said he would give 30% free if he spent $400. We ended up getting $155 extra for free. On the way to my brother's cabin Friday morning he stopped and got an additional $70 worth making it a total of over $600 in fireworks. He put on a pretty good show, but I think many were disappointed because he held a lot back to shoot off tonight. It was a 2 day party plan for my brother. About 30+ people came out to the property and about 12 of us camped out last night. I called it a night about 1am and the rest gave it up about 2am.

$600 is a lot, but some people would be shocked at the amount my family gives to the church. I wonder if my brother spends more on Rams season football tickets, beer and fireworks than my family gives to the church?

Just one more full day in St. Louis. Cardinals beat the Cubs in the last inning. I'm starting to feel like a beached whale from all of the food I've been shoveling in. I'll sleep better tonight that I did last night.

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