Saturday, July 26, 2008


We played cards last night and out of the original 6 that started playing 6 years ago only myself and Huffdaddy were part of the mix. I met Huffdaddy in 1999 as I taught at my 1st regular elementary campus. Huffdaddy taught 5th grade and I was the new resource/inclusion teacher. Huffdaddy and I got along pretty well, usually easy to do when there are very few men teachers on campus. Our friendship solidified one night that year as we both stayed on campus for a sleepover that one of the students won.

I left HP after one year and moved back to Missouri. I did go back and visit Huffdaddy and a few other friends on campus as I have the tendency to stay in touch with people. While in Missouri I became part of a teacher fraternity that played cards once a month and when I moved back to Texas I started up a new group of poker players, mostly people in the education world. All 6 of us last night were in the growing kids business.

6 years later I still manage to get 5-6 guys together once a month for friendly low stakes games of cards. One of the most reliable players is Huffdaddy. This is very impressive on many fronts:

1. He lives 20+ miles away.(He even battled rush hour traffic last night as he rode his new scooter...hope he made it home last night). My poker chips even fit under his seat!!!
2. He is a principal and is busier than most educators, other than my coaching friends.
3. He is successfully battling a life threatening illness.(He even played one time hooked up to some type of contraption).
4. He was poker challenged when he first started, but has progressed to best of the class.

When Huffdaddy last hosted cards he had food catered in from a Mexican restaurant and usually goes above and beyond when it comes to hosting whereas you know I'm trying to feed the most for the cheapest possible cost.

Huffdaddy, I appreciate you as a friend, respect you as a principal, and am inspired by your positive attitude with all that you have gone thru.

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