Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Deal or No Deal

I'm not much of a risk taker. Ask my wife, I didn't try to kiss her until our third date or so. When we play cards I don't take risks either and more times than not an aggressive, semi-wreckless player will win a Hold Em tournament. I rarely more than 5 mph over the speed limit, etc.

This summer on 2 occasions my daughter and I played the video game Deal or No Deal at the arcade. I love this game and could be addicted to it. I could care less about the TV show though. On this game you pay basically $2 for a chance to win as many as 400 tickets. If you pay double you can win up to 1000 tickets.

The first time we played back in June my daughter played the game down to the last 2 cases. The 1000 and 40 were still in play. The banker's offer was 520 tickets. I convinced her to take the deal. She had the 1000 case ): I'll add that she also won a 250 jackpot on another game and we had enough tickets to buy her the lava lamp at 1300 tickets. Her mom played the game and ended up only winning 2 tickets.

This Monday I took her again to this place and we played. She dropped a few heavy #s early and at one point had an offer of 78 tickets. I was trying to convince her to take the deal. She pushed on and her last 2 cases were 20 and 150. The banker's offer was 85 tickets. TAKE IT I urged. She pushed on and her case was the 20. I look at it as her losing 65 tickets. She looks at it as almost winning 150 tickets. I calculate that each ticket is worth about 2-3 cents each.

I played the 2nd game and picked case #4. My daughter wanted me to take #6. I reminded her that this was MY game this time. I played on and had the 1000 in play along with a few other big #s. I was ready to take a deal at 220 tickets but my daughter pushed NO DEAL. My last 2 cases were 2 tickets and 1000 tickets. Banker's offer.....501 tickets. My daughter wanted to push NO DEAL. I let her know that the 501 tickets would get her the lava lamp and she reluctantly agreed. My case, 1000. She was so mad at me. There was a couple standing there waiting to play and all I could say to them was, "she's a risk taker, she didn't get that from me." There is often a wait for this game. One kid and his mom hogged the game for about 30 minutes. It did take longer for the 501 tickets to print than it took to play the game. They should just print a receipt.

We did get the lava lamp and she loves it. She had to tell mommy that I wimped and took the deal.

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