Sunday, September 20, 2009

Un KFC Again?

Last May I posted about printing a coupon Oprah endorsed for the new grilled chicken for KFC. It had a barcode on it and you had to print a new coupon per customer. I took my family of 4 and when I got there they didn't honor the coupon "Due to the success of the promotion........" I went in and was told to fill our a form which I should have known better when I filled out a torn piece of paper with my name and info and one for each family member. After about 2 months I contacted KFC via email through their customer service "Contact Us" link. I shared what I went through and again never heard from them. So, just last week I contacted them again asking for my free meal OR just a simple apology. I included that I would never visit a KFC again until I got the meal or an apology. It has been a week and I've not gotten an email.

What would you do? Just write it off and visit again? Stick to your guns and never go back? Keep complaining and let everyone know about the poor customer service? Tell me?

I think I will write one more email and just link this post for them to read. At this point, I will never go to KFC again. I know they are in kahoots with Taco Bell and I went there last night so what do I do with a Taco Bell?KFC combo store?


Pigs said...

Same thing happened here. KFC looked really bad because the local Pollo Loco - which is much better - honored the KFC coupon and got a ton of business. KFC is owned by PepsiCo, so they are affiliated with Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. Made me mad, I wouldn't go there either.

The MAN Fan Club said...

I got a quick response this time with the offer of a free meal for my family of 4 or $20 in KFC checks for use at any KFC. CHA CHING!

That is funny about Pollo Loco though.

Not giving up my Pepsi products though.

Anonymous said...

Not owned by Pepsico any longer. They were spun off a few years back. New company is Yum! Really.