Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cards Win

Went to Kansas City on Saturday to watch the Cards and Royals play. Cards won 5-1. Better outcome than the game I went to last year, a 17-5 loss. I came up with 1 video game idea and one reality TV show idea while on the trip.

Video game-Dodging the Drunks: In this game you would be placed at the back of the ballpark parking lot. Your objective would be to walk to the front of the parking lot to the stadium. On the way you would have to cut between rows of cars and all of the people who are tailgating as well as the lines of people waiting for the Port A Potty. Once you master a small parking lot you could progress to stadiums were more people get into tailgating. You could also pick different sports and sporting venues.

Saturday people arrived before noon to set up shop and party. The game was at 6pm. Lots of grilling, washer playing and beer drinking. One group was from Mizzou and they had a 1/2 barrel on ice. Rating=ADULT

Reality TV show-Driving with Terry: You would get a back seat view of what it is like to drive with my brother. Listen as he commentates while weaving in and out of traffic. Watch him pass people on the right and see him give dirty looks to fast lane slow poke offenders. There would be highway driving as well as city driving. This rating would be ADULT as well due to some foul language. I was wondering if this could be made into a video game as well.

Made it there and back safely. About a 28 hour trip overall. Monday night and Tuesday night I'll visit Busch stadium to see the Cards take on the Mets. This will be my son's first major league game. The new Busch stadium is lightyears better than the outdated Kaufmann Fields in Kansas City.

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