Thursday, June 26, 2008


Many times as a teacher we become too busy to allow ourselves to be appreciated. As my last month wound down I felt like I spent so much energy managing the few that needed extra, MUCH extra, guidance that I was not able to enjoy and appreciate the majority of the kids who do a great job managing themselves. As our last day came to an end I was physically and mentally worn out. I was just happy to see the kids go.

When I came in for my last "work" day I noticed a few notes on the board that some of my students left. It was hard to actually stop and read them and let it sink it.

Here they are:

Mr. N, I had the best time being in your class the past 2 years. I will remember to come by every Monday and say hi. A

Mr. N, We will remember you and your funny jokes. We will try to come by and see you next year. L & V

Mr. N, Have a great summer. I had a good year because of you and my friend K. S

So, probably the hardest part of being a teacher is just staying fresh for the students all year. The breaks do help, but our end of year is packed with so many tests and student issues it really wears us down. It is something that I need to sort out. I've got 2 months to think about it (: .

I feel for my friends who signed up to teach Summer School. Their June will be full and teachers are often asked to take classes in July.

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