Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm a Snob

When it comes to food and ice I'm a snob.

Ice snob: I generally buy bags of ice from the store. Preferrably I'll get the pellet ice from Sonic or Braums. When I got to my moms I purchased a bag of ice from QT. I came home and emptied her tray of all homemade ice and put my ice in. Last night I see that she's dumped another tray of her own made ice in the bin. ):

Food snob: I'm in charge of ordering out food at school so I can control where we eat. Part price, part being able to manage weight watcher points and part snob. I'm even a worse snob in St. Louis. I did not come here to have Dominos pizza or McDonalds. Too much good food to choose from. Especially when it comes to pizza.

The other day in small town Missouri our pizza choices were Dominos, Casey General Gas store pizza and something else gas stationy. Chose Dominos. Ordered 3 small pizzas and a cinnamon snack and it was $22. Well, last night I ordered a favorite of mine, Cecil Whitakers. 2-16 inch 2 topping pizzas, ordering of wings and an order of toasted ravioli(St. Louis thing-or Olive Garden has them) for $25. What a deal.

I live in an area dominated by the chain pizza places. You come to St. Louis and within a 2 mile radius you could probably order 20 different kinds of good pizza.

End result: I'll most likely gain 5 pounds on this trip, if not more.

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