Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Six Flags with Kids

Went to Six Flags Mid America yesterday with my family. Paid the extra $5 for premium parking.....first row...worth it. Only spent $50 out of pocket as too. Got there at 10am and didn't realize that they moved the opening time to 10:30am. So much for my "planning." The kids did great. My daughter who is almost 7 was able to ride all the rides 42 inches or taller required. My son who just turned 4 is only 40 inches. He spent a lot of time in kiddie land as my wife and I took turns riding a few rides with my daughter. He got bummed a few times. He wasn't even tall enough to ride bumper cars with an adult.

As a family we were able to ride a few rides together. My daughter rode almost everything she could for her heighth, including the fast Screamin' Eagle coaster.

My mom met us at 4pm at McDonalds nearby and took the kids to a church program. My wife and I got to enjoy the park from 4:30-7pm. We rode the adult rides. My favorites in order: Superman, Mr. Freeze, Batman, Highland Fling and the new Evil Knieval roller coaster wasn't bad. Didn't enjoy one called the Ninja. Whacked my jaw on my seat with the wicked jerks.

Six Flags Round Up
4 tickets(FREE-school reading program)
Premium Parking $20

2 funnel cakes and a large drink $20
(one was stale and the other fresh ): )
McDonalds for lunch $10
Memories made FREE

The merchandise wasn't priced too bad. It is a park owned by Looney Toons(Bugs, Tweety, Scooby, Speed Racer, Batman, etc) I like this park better than the one in Dallas. Maybe next year we'll go to San Antonio to Sea World and visit Fiesta Six Flags as well.

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