Monday, June 02, 2008

Yesterday Morning

My son is going to be 4 years old next Monday. Here are some things that I appreciate about him. He says "yesterday morning" about ANYTHING that happened in the past. He said, "Yesterday morning that guy came and cut our hair." This was almost a year ago. He is really concerned about getting "bigger." He'll say, "I'm getting bigger right dad?" I also enjoy the fact that I told him that he grows the most when he is sleeping. He told his mom yesterday, "I think I'll just sleep all day so I can get bigger." This coming from the kid that we start the nighttime ritual about 8:30 and we're lucky if he's asleep by 10pm. Of my 2 kids he is the most affectionate as well. He's always telling me "I love you dad" and even tells his big sister as well.

I'm having the time of my life right now with my 2 kids. I am blessed beyond measure. I just hope I'm never too tired to play soccer or color with them. I think there is a time in life when the parent transitions from things being all about them and it becomes all about the children. I don't know where I am in this process.

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