Friday, June 27, 2008

The Trip Part 2

I am taking the wife to the airport with our daughter tonight and they fly out around 9pm. She's got a good friend coming to town in Dallas Monday and another good friend just moved back to Texas and a third friend has one week before she has to go back to work from maternity leave so she can catch up with her 3 closest friendships that she made in Texas.

Saturday I get up early to go to Kansas City to watch the Cardinals and Royals play. Then Monday and Tuesday I am going to the games in St. Louis so 3 games in 4 days to get my Cardinals fix. May float again on Thursday and Friday is the big day at my brother's property. He'll shoot off about $500 in fireworks. May fish one day as well and will clean up my wife's car pretty hard before I go back.

Not sure what Saturday and Sunday hold before I head back on July 7th. My son and I will have about 10 days away from mommy and sissy so the time will be a bit unique.

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