Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sunny St. Louis

According to family it has rained pretty often this spring here in St. Louis. Since we've been here the past 4 days it has been pretty nice. Went to do a little shopping locally this morning and was just thankful that it wasn't hot and humid like it has been in Texas. The high today is supposed to be about 78 degrees......nice.

My biggest problem is trying to sort out when we are going to go to Six Flags and possibly canoeing. Had Thursday pegged as Six Flags day when my brother asked me to work. No problem. Work until 3pm and then go bowling. Then I got asked to go to the KC/STL game Thursday as well. Working and bowling might fit in better with my wife. Looking at Friday for canoeing, but right now there is a chance of Thunderstorms. Probably should call and see if the river level is low enough to float as well.

Right now, just trying to please everyone. My dad drove in from about 50 miles away to spend some time with us. He's wanting chicken for lunch/dinner.

Top 5 Things You Won't Hear Me Say This Trip:

5. Let's order some Papa Johns pizza
4. That's alright mom, you don't need to watch the kids.
3. Ah, McDonald's, finally.
2. KFC sounds good to me.
1. There's nothing to do here.

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