Monday, June 16, 2008

10 Days

The day after I posted about "You Never Know" I had a close personal friend pass away. It has been a tough week. The mind tends to take the easy way out and at times I think, "It didn't happen." We had a Memorial service Friday the 13th and right after we hit the highway for St. Louis. Got into the St. Louis area at 2am Saturday morning. I went on to my brother's house and my family went to my moms.

Saturday morning at 5am my brother woke me up. We were to detail lots of cars on Saturday. We drove thru a heavy fog to this place about 45 miles away. We started at 6:30am and finished by 4pm. We ended up detailing 23 cars, outside only, and took in $1,420 in cash. Split that 4 ways minus some materials costs and I walked away with $340. Gave $100 right away to my brother for my Cardinal/Royals game on the 28th. It will pay for gas, the ticket and hotel room.

Plan on hitting Six Flags and taking a day long float trip while we are here. Hope to keep you posted.

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