Monday, August 04, 2008

I Made The Switch

I opened up our auto insurance envelope last night and saw that our monthly rate was what I thought was ridiculously high. We've been with GMAC insurance for 4 years and supposedly have multiple discounts, but our monthly rate has gone up about $60 a month and we haven't had any claims. So last night I started searching for better rates. I visited Progressive and GEICO websites and it appeared I could do much better. I finally called GEICO and talked to someone who spoke english and believe it or not is from the Dallas area and I really enjoyed our conversation. No lie, in 15 minutes I saved about $700 for this incoming year, or 37%.

I guess since I am a teacher I am getting a "government" discount that is almost $60 a month less than what GMAC was going to give me. So if you teach in a public school system it may be worth checking out. Contact me and I'll give you a special "promo" code.

What I was impressed with was all of the great customer service I received from all parties: Al Boenker insurance agency(my broker), GMAC agencency, and GEICO.

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