Friday, August 08, 2008

The MAN Fan Club Explained

First off my initials are M.A.N. and the play on my initials is I'm The MAN. This isn't a "man" fan club, it's The M******* A. N*** Fan Club. Back on April 16, 1986 my friend Billyv and I put out our first MAN Fan Club newsletter. The following is most of what is on the original letter that we typed up.

Dear M.A.N. Fan(4 members strong):
Thank you for being very considerate and patient. Many impatient people wouldn't have been so considerate and would have cancelled their memberships, but you did not. It means you are very faithful, and YES, this is our first paper that we've attempted to publish, and I hope you are pleased.

More About Me:
I'm 20, born 2-18 to Fred and Margie and I have a brother Terry. I learned my first life lesson in kindergarten whe I stole a kid's hotwheel he got at our Christmas party because I didn't like the present I received. I was forced to return it. Since then I've mingled through life's measures and treasures. I graduated from (a Catholic H.S.) and am currently attending my 2nd year at UMSL. My brother got married and moved out 7 years ago. I've been attending MBC for 11 years and have been an active member at this church for 7 years. I guess it's home.

My Favorites:
Song: In the Name of Love-U2
Groups: Hooters, Bryan Adams, Cars, Sting
Pizza: Dominos Pepperoni
Color: Purple (Rain)
Cars: Cutlass Supreme, Porsche 911
Movie: The Dead Zone with Christopher Walken
Comedian: Steven Wright
T.V. Show: The Cosby Show
Lt Nt Show Host: David Letterman

Please Vote for Our Motto:
____ "But Officer I know M......A......N......"
____ "To Err is Human, to Forgive- M.......A......N....."
____ "I Only Wish M........A.......N.......was here."
____ "Who are We to Play M......A.....N......?"
____ "Liberty, Justice and M......A......N....for All!"

Notes from the Editor:
Hi, I'm BillyV, editor of the MAN Fan Club Newsletters. This is the first of what I hope to be many wonderful informative letters about the MAN. Look forward to your MANFC newsletters periodically, meaning, they will come out when he feels like it. We know you won't complain, you'd be more than happy just to fold his underwear. Centerfolds to begin in the next issue.

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