Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stop Calling Me

I got a phone call from my friend B the other day wanting to know why I keep calling him over and over. He would answer and here nothing but crackling noises. I then informed him that I can't find my cell phone. After doing a little detective work I've decided that it has to be in the house somewhere. My last phone call was to my mom Saturday about 1:25 pm. The whole family was in my daughter's room playing Webkinz Idol. I do recall leaving her room during the phone call and my mom reminded me that I was telling the kids to go to their rooms for some quiet time. This all about 1:30 on Saturday.

I did not leave the house Saturday nor did I take it to church on Sunday. It is nowhere to be found. We've torn apart my daughter's room, my son's room. Thoroughly checked both vehicles and I sorted thru the recycle bin and went dumpster diving. No luck. I've double checked couch cushions as well as both of our leather chairs. I've peered under my bed and even stripped the bedding for washing. All afternoon and evening Saturday I was in bed watching TV and playing computer games on the laptop.

During a power outage last night I repeated called my phone hoping to hear the vibration assuming it's not turned off all together. My friend B said after about 20 calls it finally quit calling him.

My only out at this time is to order a new phone since I am due for an upgrade.

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