Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nice Change

After having reached 100 degrees for many of the days in July and the first week of August it sure has been nice lately to have plenty of rain and lower temps. Saturday at my retreat near Lake Texoma it was awesome only to have temps in the mid 80's. Last year's camp it was near 100 and we had outdoor ropes activities.

Both yesterday and today brought rain. My yard is soaked and maybe the grass will dominate the weeds finally. Tonight I played a little bit of whiffle ball with my son inbetween rain systems. I was squishing around in the yard.

Also another nice change took place today. It is my first day with my new electric company with rates nearly half of what I've had the past 2 months. We also just started with new auto insurance as of Sunday. SHOP AROUND!

Here comes the school year.

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