Friday, March 31, 2006

Nice and Warm

We dodged some severe weather last night as major storms hit just north of us. Last night was awesome temperature wise as the winds swirled about us. Woke up to a slightly muggy morning and was "sick" today so I didn't go into work. I felt well enough by 9 a.m. to go and mow a friend's yard. For some reason I wore an old long sleeve t-shirt and 1/2 way thru I did the unimaginable....... I TOOK MY SHIRT OFF TO MOW! Before you gasp and refuse to read any further I'll let you know I only did this in the back yard and there was a 6 foot privacy fence. About an hour after mowing and a cool shower I was still sweating. I think I got a little red from being outside.

I announce tonight and the weather is going to be awesome. Last Friday we had heaters in the box to help keep us warm.

Play ball!

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