Thursday, March 02, 2006

Unplanned Personal Day

B.C.C.I-Business Card Collectors International

Early in the week my colleague and I planned on taking a "mentor/mentee" day on Friday. On Tuesday we found out that we could not take it on a Friday so we figured Thursday would work, but the 2 subs we had for Friday couldn't do Thursday so it was back to the drawing board. I found my sub for today, but my mentor was not able to find a sub she wanted. She also didn't want to risk randomly calling in a sub that could range from a dimwitted yahoo to a power hungry dictator. So as of last night at 9:30pm our mentor day crumbled.

I decided that it was only fair to my sub to keep our arrangement and our school secretary changed it from a professional development day to a personal day. After connected at school with my sub I journeyed our the doors to freedom and my first stop was getting the oil changed in my Jeep. Just 3 months overdue. After paying $33 for the oil change at a quick lube place my wife uncovers a coupon for a change for $21.44. My second task of the day was to clean the Jeep up. After that I took the Dodge in for an oil change. Just 4 months overdue. I then drove from the Dodge dealer to the tire place for a FREE tire rotation. I finished my early morning chores by buying a few items for the cars.

After my wife tutored, the family went for lunch and then tried to see Doogan, a kids animated movie. My son didn't cooperate so my wife took him home. I ended up falling asleep during the movie that was entertaining only 4 people, minus me. I called my wife to find out that my son was sleeping so we walked home. A nice little walk along the park and lake. We stopped at the playground and my daughter did the "I gotta pee dance." We took off for home, part piggy back, part racing. We tried a short cut through the woods, but I got my daughter tangled in a thorny bush. Once home it took 6 bandages to ease her pain.

All said I got a lot done and it was an awesome day outside again. I may have gotten a little bit of sun.

BalderNash-S.S.S.C.(think home improvement)

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