Saturday, March 04, 2006

Please Pull Forward

S.S.S.C.-Stainless Steel Sink Council

Yesterday I decided to join millions others and have fish on Friday. My restaurant of choice was McDonalds. For 12:15 the drive thru wasn't all that bad. I placed my order and paid at the next window. My card was swiped and I proceeded to the pick up window. The smiling lady said the fish weren't quite ready and asked me to pull forward. No problem I figured. I only sat for about 20-30 seconds before someone walked out with my sandwich. That was quick.

As I drove away I realized that I just helped this McDonalds manipulate their drive thru statistics. They had me pull forward even though NOBODY was behind me. I have seen this done before. I just helped them keep their average wait time down. According to the sensors in the ground my order only took 30 seconds from ordering to leaving.

Bummer thing about the ordeal was my sandwich had some black specs all over it and I took it back an hour later.

BALDERNASH-December 3, 1967

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