Monday, March 13, 2006

More Storms, Less Plans

Last night was tremendous when it came to severe weather. I am a praying person and struggle to have a consistent daily prayer time, but last night I felt the urgent need to pray. My wife and family were staying with either her sister or her parents and about midnight they were getting pounded with a mega-storm. This morning all was well as the hardest hit communities were just north of where she was staying. There were a record 110 tornadoes recorded in Missouri this past weekend.

The main reason we came to Missouri this weekend was for an infant Baptism. My wife was to be a Godparent for one of her 2 nephews. Not sure about infant Baptism when the Lutheran Pastor says, "These two children are not old enough to make this decision on their own so who here today is making the decision for them?" I firmly believe a person should wait until they personally decide to follow Christ before they are allowed to be Baptized.

Our whole trip has been a hodge podge of plans and last minute decisions. I never made it to the brewery tour today. It is hard coming all the way to St. Louis and trying to do all that I want to do and also fit in with everyone else's plans.

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