Thursday, March 23, 2006


I teach and at times I wonder what my perspective my students have of me. Am I nice most of the time. Do I demonstrate competence? At this time of year a few on my team really feel warnings are no longer necessary.

Students should automatically know the following:

-work quietly when you enter the room
-pay attention especially when I say "pay attention"
-you either have your homework on the day it is due or you don't
-school starts at 8:30 not 8:33 and don't blame your parents
-don't always ask "why" when told something
-only go to the instructed website to find information

Today I really showed my disappointment when 2 students out of the 40 that I had already taught decided to NOT PAY ATTENTION to the instructions. Afterwards I checked myself against another teacher asking if I were out of line.

So as I ate lunch with my students I asked honestly, "Do I seem mean sometimes?" The replies varied from: no, you're funny all the time to -yes, sometimes. I think the majority of the 5 students I was sitting by gave me positive reviews.

Spring Break is only 4 days gone by and I think I need a day off already!

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