Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Get Off the Phone

I was selling Jeeps in the early 90's when car phones was the big thing and my thought was, "Who is so important that they have to have a phone in their car?" Over a decade later those car phones turned into cell phones and now most people have them including me as of Christmas 2005. I rarely use my phone so I am still sensitive to the thought of "Is it really that important right now?"

The following are 5 real life situations lately that I've seen someone on their cell phone and I really wanted to yell, "GET OFF THE PHONE!"

You're in the check out line being checked....GET OFF THE PHONE!
You're a 4th grader and it is recess time.......GET OFF THE PHONE!
It's 6:30am......GET OFF THE PHONE!
You're a parent in a public school hallway....GET OFF THE PHONE!
You're in a drive thru.....GET OFF THE PHONE!

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