Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mad at Pepsi or.....

I had 2 bad Pepsi product experiences within 24 hours. Yesterday I was enjoying the use of our new vending machine at school when my coins got stuck in the machine. It is an odd machine that had a 2nd door for drink products. You have to insert 2 quarters and one dime in the specially marked slots, turn, and then your drink falls out. I was successful once, but the machine jammed the 2nd time. I saw the older gentleman working on the machine today and asked if I could have a diet Pepsi as he had the door open and I had to pay???? I don't think he put 2 and 2 together and realized that the machine jammed on ME even though I told him.

Last night I picked up a 12 pack of diet Pepsis thinking $3 for 12 equalled 25 cents a can instead of the 60 cents from the machine. As I get to school this morning I notice Superbowl advertising on the packaging. I suspiciously check the bottom of the can and find that it is 3 days outdated. It still fizzed, but did taste flat. Is this Pepsi's fault or the grocery store?

Ironically when I tried to put coins in the Coke vending machine it wouldn't take my coins. I pressed diet Coke and got a free drink. I didn't feel so bad losing my $$ for the diet Pepsi lost the day before.

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