Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Useless Signs

Driving home tonite I see a sign as I approach a long bridge. It reads, "Caution, bridge may be icy" or something like that. Why is this sign posted in North Texas where it may only get below 30 a handful of times per year and maybe just ONCE with any chance of precipitation? People here in Texas aren't going to heed the warning even if the sign had flashers when it is icy.

I also see the sign, "Do Not Drive Into Smoke" while driving throughout Oklahoma. After driving for over 10 years to and from Missouri I finally saw a little smoke from the drought striken areas where fires had flared out of control. So these signs are possibly pertinent once out of every 1000 days or longer. So why the signs?

On another note I'm the type of person that ignores warning signs anyway. A dashboard light came on in my Jeep. I ignored it for over a week and it finally went out. YES!

Any useless signs that you are aware of? Deer Crossing? Falling Rocks Ahead?

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