Saturday, March 18, 2006

Brokeback Kansas

Went to an Italian Restaurant/Grill last night to watch a little bit of the NCAA tournament. 2 amusing comments/situations came up.

Brokeback Mountain-my good friend BillyV admitted that he wouldn't mind seeing Brokeback Mountain. We came up with a Top 5 MUST for watching BBM with a straight and married friend.

Top 5 Musts for watching BBM with a straight and married friend:
5. Buy tickets separately
4. No sharing of the popcorn
3. The normal 1 seat between each other becomes 2
2. Neither person can cry
1. Don't tell anyone about seeing the movie

Kansas-The Kansas Jayhawks were playing as a favorite in one of the 4 night games. BillyV asks, "I wonder how many days of my life I would have to give up in order to guarantee that Kansas would lose?" I offered him 6 months and he declined at first before adding, "Well, if I knew I were going to live to 95 then I would." A little later as I was frequenting the men's room that had the games on little TVs above the urinals I somehow got into a conversation with the man next to me that included my saying that being from St. Louis you grow up hating the Chicago Cubs and the Kansas Jayhawks. Then a guy from the stall says, "I'm a Kansas fan and we grew up hating Missouri Tiger fans."

I thought that was the end of it. I was standing off to the side in this crowded place when my friend CBar waves me over to where he was. Ironically the guy he was with was his neighbor who was the Kansas fan in the bathroom....ooops. BillyV and I sat there willing the Kansas Jayhawks to lose and they did. Guess BillyV will only live to be 94 since he sold part of his livelyhood to the devil. It was a little awkward STRONGLY rooting against the team of a guy who was obviously upset that HIS team was losing.

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