Monday, March 27, 2006

No One EVER Is to Blame

A favorite 80's song of mine included the lyrics, "you can look at the menu but you just can't eat, you can feel the cushion but you can't have a seat...." and this song came to mind this weekend when something happened and maybe it was nobody's fault.

I announce high school sports and I love going to the banquets at the end of the seasons. This was my 4th season calling basketball for both boys and girls basketball and the banquets are usually held around the time the NCAA basketball tournaments so I was really wondering why I hadn't heard when the boy's banquet would be held. I received the girl's invitation Friday night while calling softball. Their banquet is this Tuesday which conflicts with our Spring Open House at school. I hate after school required events. I "may" catch the tail end of the girls banquet. Back to the boys......

Yesterday at church I saw one of the boys who starts when the banquet was going to be held and he said LAST NIGHT. I let him know that I never received an invitation and he let me know that he saw my name on the list and thought I received one because his mom handled the invitations. I don't remember getting one. Usually the coach emails me last second and I make arrangments to attend. Not this time.

This nice young man apologized and said he would say something to his mom. I sat during the first 15 minutes of our Worship service feeling extremely disappointed. I wasn't mad at anyone, but really disappointed because I am really involved in the sports programs and spend a lot of potential quality family times making a little extra money calling these games. I often feel we want answers, but at this time answers wouldn't make me feel any better and wouldn't let me catch the LATE banquet like when you miss the early show you can watch it later.

I hope to get away from school early enough to be a part of the girls program. I'll miss a nice, free dinner at Dave N Busters, but would be able to see the awards ceremony. We'll see.

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