Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekend Update

Friday I rode back from Missouri with BillyV.

Saturday we woke up and accomplished a few major tasks. BillyV replaced a broken sprinkler head while I waxed his car. Afterwards we cleaned out the fuel system of my mower. Saturday night we played cards and it pretty much poured rain all afternoon.

Sunday morning was a fulfilling church day. A lady from school attended. Today she said she was Catholic and watching an adult get baptized was a little bit of a stretch. After church my wife and I tried to treat friends to Texas Roadhouse. After we treated they were out of pocket about $20**. It rained again all day. Perfect for napping.

**Dinner order: Awesome blossom onion, 2 teas, a child's rib meal, ribs and rib eye, monterrey chicken with mushrooms, and a 16 ounce rib eye. Our bill came to $6 after discounts(2 free dinners and a $20 gift card) and our friends payed and tipped $15. Great meal though and awesome company.

Issues at home: Our almost 5 year old daughter has really been a toot for about 2 months. We are pretty sure she is jealous of the attention that her cute and full of personality 2 year old brother is getting. We are getting a lot of "no's", talking back, tongue being stuck out, tantrums and such. I've taught behavior kids and do better dealing with school kids in a structured setting. ANY ADVICE is appreciated!

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