Sunday, March 05, 2006

First Jobs

BalderNash-On December 3, 1967 the first heart transplant took place.

My first job was at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. Barnes Hospital is known as one of the most advanced heart hospitals in the nation. I was an ice cream scooper for Barnard Buffet my sophomore year of high school. I think I had this job for about 4 months. I went straight from school on the city transit bus taking only one transfer. I think my parents picked me up late at night. This job is where I learned the difference of what a malt and a shake was. For 20 cents more you got a scoop of malt powder mixed in with a normal shake. I was fired along with the 2 brothers who got me the job. The company did an audit and we were accused of pilfering and bilking the company of tens of dollars. NO COMMENT!

I then took a job at an Italian restaurant bussing tables Tuesdays and Thursdays.


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