Sunday, March 12, 2006

Into The Storm

The warning was given hours in advance, but I didn't pay attention initially. Later in the day the warning was given again and this time I knew things were serious. My pulse began to increase as I gripped the wheel tightly trying to keep focused. When was it going to happen? Should I be prepared for the worst?

The sky darkened and approaching cars all had their headlights on. Could I arrive safely before the storm hit? The National Weather Service broke in mid-song to inform everyone that a tornado watch had been given for the county that I was driving towards. Only 10 more miles to my final destination and the dark skies begain to spit a little rain. Lightning began to flash a little closer as the rain began to become more steady.

As I neared the Truxton exit, just 5 miles from my exit, the skies opened up dumping rain at a rate that made it difficult to see any lines on the highway. I almost exited in order to wait this storm out, but I was only 5 miles away. For 3 miles I gripped the steering wheel with both hands and with white knuckles. The standing water on the highway made it difficult to steer. Then at mile marker 187 the rain became less pounding. I was slightly relieved.

I could see my exit in the distance when my last challenge was thrust upon me. An 18 wheeler charging ahead at 70+ mph created a spray of water that took away any visibility that I had. I can't see my exit I thought. I must have slowed down to below the 40 mph minimum just to get a sense of control. Then, there it was, exit 185. I made it.

A few minutes later I pulled up in the driveway having survived the roughest 5 minutes of driving that I had ever had to endure.

Tonight's forecast: Chance of severe weather.

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