Saturday, April 01, 2006

F#*& THIS and F*$& THAT

Posting early today because my wife and I have a sitter lined up from 9-3. FREEDOM.......FREEDOM!

Watched the movie Inside Man and overall I rate it a good movie. One thing I had trouble with was the usage of the "F" word. I know movies can keep a PG-13 rating if they only use one F word so this movie jumped to the Rated R category pretty quickly. I sat there wondering why the F word was used so many times. Sure it was a movie about a bank robbery, but it ruined it for me as I sat there thinking time and time again, "was it necessary?" Every time I hear the F word it is like someone is punching me in the stomach. I just don't hang around people who use the F word so is there a true audience for it? Is there a certain segment that might say, "That was a pretty good movie except there werent' enough F bombs in the movie." I have walked out on 2 movies due to profanity so do others walk out because there is no profanity?

I'm pretty calloused or acceptable of some things, but won't budge on the "F" word.

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