Saturday, April 22, 2006

To Beer or Not to Beer

I generally reserve drinking a fresh brew for special occasions and rarely store it at home in my fridge. I currently have a Shinerbock that someone left Feb. 18 when they attended my birthday party, a 40 oz. BudIce birthday gift(I was 40), and 3 Kirin Ichiban's that I purchased a month ago to have while playing cards. For me the timing of having a beer is key.

Top 5 Times/Places to have a Cold One
5. Card night
4. After mowing on a hot afternoon
3. Baseball game/Sporting Event
2. Meeting up with old friends
1. After a long hard day/week

3 of these came into play last night. (1) It was Friday and we just completed the toughest week at school having administered the state tests for 3 days and having the other 2 days be less than normal. (4) I went straight from school to mow the church lot from 4:15-5:30 in 90+ heat. (3) Last night my school purchased about 300 tickets and I donated "a night at the ball game with Mr. MANFC," meaning I went to the Minor League ballpark to meet a few of my students and other parents and students from school.

I arrived at the ball park still feeling the effects of a long week, a hot afternoon of mowing, and I could smell the ballpark food. Then I heard it, "COLD BEER HERE!" The situation was right, but the timing wasn't. Of course I walked in on the wrong side of the park and had to walk from the right field side all the way around home plate to the left field side. I must have passed up 20 COLD BEER vendors. Each time I could see the iced up, condensation laced, plastic bottles. I did think that I could have ONE before I arrived at my seats. Problem was I would need 3 to cover the (1) long week, (4) just mowed, (3) ballgame atmosphere.

I sat with my students during the game and one of the student's parents attended and they were drinking ice cold beer. I supressed my urges and decided NOT TO BEER.

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