Thursday, April 27, 2006

Small Investment

Tonight is the 4th day and night that I've decided to go the extra and leave positive marks on other people. Every morning I've left my wife a note or a card with words of encouragement, words of affirmation, or words of humor. I've seen her attitude and spirit light up some this week.

Also, each night I've put on a puppet show for my daughter and it is paying off in huge dividends. We've had difficulty convincing her to go to bed AND stay in bed for a while now. Monday night I took 2 of the many stuffed animals that she sleeps with and spontaneously put on a puppet show and she was so giddy and happy. One of the nights I held hands with her and the animals as we said our prayers. Last night my wife could just see her beaming so much that she couldn't hide her happiness.

My daughter is soaking all this one on one fun attention in and it is so much better than making her go to bed and threating a spankin if she doesn't stay in bed. The 10 minutes I spend putting on the puppet show requires so much less energy than trying to quickly put her in bed with her being reluctant. Tonight I shared my satisfaction with her staying in bed and told her if she could stay in bed then there would be another puppet show tomorrow night. Maybe she is falling asleep quicker thinking about which 2 stuffed animals to put on stage.

So my advice is this, see where you can actually invest some positive actions or time. Hopefully it will reap many returns for you as it has for me.

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