Monday, April 24, 2006

ER trip #2

Last night around 8:30pm as the night was winding down the whole family was in our bedroom watching the Next Food Network Star and I was attempting to fold clothes with 2 crazy kids wrecking any sense of accomplishment or success I was dreaming of having. Seems like this is the only time that the laundry basket is the coolest toy in the house. I gave up and settled down on our bed in hopes of reading the Sunday paper while watching FoodNetwork. The kids wrestled with the basket and each other. It was kind of fun watching my son put a ball on the blanket that she was using to make a basket hideout. She would then kick the ball causing it to fly across the room. She kicked the ball back behind the treadmill and my son went after it. Then it happened. My son misstepped coming off the treadmill falling face first into our bedrail. It was a hard hit and I knew it wasn't good. It took a few moments for the blood to show, both inside his mouth and the centimeter gash on the outside. I yelled for my wife who was on the phone and she quickly came in to help. The boy was screaming as we tried to get control of the bleeding. This little guy is strong and he's not even 2.

My wife did a great job putting ice on the outer wound causing the bleeding to stop. It was her job to entertain him on the way to the E-care. I was thinking major hospital emergency room for stitches when she mentioned that we had a miniature E-CARE emergency room closer by.

The boy was calm when we got there and the place looked closed. I walked closer to the door and saw that it was open until 10pm, over an hour away. All told we were there maybe 45 minutes from sign in to discharge. The toughest part there was when he was screaming while my wife held the numbing agent to his lip/chin area. The easiest time was when he lay there completely still as the attendees glued his skin shut. When we left there were about 6 cares on the lot. Good timing I guess.

When you have more than one child you compare them and compared to our daughter our son is high maintenance and expensive when it comes to bumps and bruises. All my daughter has ever needed was bandages.

His new nickname: Crash!

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