Saturday, April 08, 2006

Another Food Post

Took the family and a pre-teen neighbor to Arby's tonight for their "Pick 5" for $5.95. This is more than their 5 for $5.55 sandwich deal. They offer some pretty good choices. We ordered 2 of the deals and the items we chose were: 3 soft drinks $1.49 ea., 2 cheese sticks $2.69 ea., 5 sandwiches $1.99 ea. We added a family curly fry for $1.99 and the total bill was right at $15. Without the deal it would have added up to more than $22. Pretty good amount saved.

Problem was as we dined I kept staring at the menu trying to figure out how great the deal was. We received medium drinks in a 20 oz. cup, but it was hard to match which price was actually the medium since they don't list sizes anymore. My wife turned it into a state test(TAKS) question by asking me what is the range of the potential deal. If you ordered all fries the amount would be $6.5o, but if you ordered all cheese stix then the amount would top out at $13.50. A pretty big gap.

Overall I don't really care for Arby's since they serve low grade roast beef, but when you are trying to eat cheap it'll do.

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