Thursday, April 13, 2006

Rough Day

Sure was a rough day at school today. My morning started off with HEAVY traffic on the highway that I drive by. Keep in mind that I only drive about 4 miles to work. Early this morning the State Highway Patrol(probably) decided to recreate the scene of an accident that happened just past midnight 2 days ago. A truck on the service road wrecked into the guardrail keeping the truck off the high, BUT the passenger was launched onto the highway. An 18 wheel tractor-trailer stopped to assist. A 3rd vehicle full of 20 somethings ran over the ejected driver and then rear ended the 18 wheeler killing the guy on the highway and 3 passengers. WOW.

My day pales in comparison. I've not felt 100% for about a week or so. My whole family has battled sinus issues. I showed up to school about 5 minutes late due to traffic. I was crabby all day and so were 2 of my colleagues. The student's apathy and blatant lying are really wearing thin on us. I AM SO GLAD TOMORROW IS A HOLIDAY!

On a positive note my wife had the kids napping when I got home at 4:15 and as of 5:15 they are still napping. One full hour alone with peace and quiet.......YES!

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