Sunday, April 09, 2006

Clothes Shopping

I've been putting it off for a long time, but couldn't really wait any longer as Spring arrived and now Easter is one week away. I decided to go clothes shopping. Clothes shopping for me really means traveling to ONE store and buying a few outfits. My wardrobe lacks over all anyway and 50% of my pants collection is almost off limits now that the weather is warmer.

I invited the family along knowing that this fills my wife's love tank and plus she could be the judge of whether an item would be purchased or not. I've had success at the Haggar outlet before and that is where we ventured to last night.

Final purchase included 2 pair of non-stain khaki pants, 2 short sleeve polo type golf shirts, a silk button up shirt and 2 long sleeve clearance shirts at $5.95 each. Total bill was $120 with the pants taking up about half of that total. I could easily have purchased another 5 long sleeve shirts for next year and may just do that after next paycheck.

It felt really good to wake up this morning and put on new clothes for church. I even managed to avoid getting any lunch on them so I could wear today's outfit to school one day this week.

On top of this I purged a few items from my closet and then ventured into the sock and undies drawer, much to my wife's appreciation.

Why do guys find it so hard to get rid of old undies?

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